Lock Down News

Even though the whole world is in lockdown, Stageworx is still dedicated to creating fun, inspiring opportunities for our students to grow and stay creative. Keep your eyes peeled for some other exciting projects that are currently in the making!

The Ultimate Sa Medley - Sponsors Of Brave Campaign

We were so excited to be approached by Adcock Ingram - Sponsors Of Brave, to create this celebration of South African Music with our students. This medley has now gone viral and been featured in various publications and television programs across South Africa. Take a look at one of the publications below from "Good Things Guy"

Young South African Artists unite to create “The Ultimate South African Song Medley” to thank healthcare professionals and other essential workers.

Johannesburg, South Africa (16 April 2020) – Young South African artists have joined together, in their individual homes and via technology during #LockDown to record The Ultimate South African Song Medley, as a “THANK YOU” to all the healthcare professionals and other essential workers who are putting their lives at risk daily for the rest of us to be safe and to be able to stay home.

The Sponsors of Brave Campaign in association with Stageworx Performing Arts School, released a video of The Ultimate South African Song Medley not only to thank our “heroes who don’t wear capes”, but to uplift the nation through local music.

To quote one of the greatest heroes, Nelson Mandela, “Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice. Such is the value of music.”

The Ultimate South African Song Medley integrates 28 of the most instantly recognisable classic South African songs from music icons across diverse genres from the last 50 years, woven into a seamless tapestry by Music Arranger, Maestro Extraordinaire, Bryan Schimmel, and performed by 50 students and alumni from Stageworx Performing Arts School in Johannesburg.

Music from Brenda Fassie to Kurt Darren, Mandoza to PJ Powers, Yvonne Chaka Chaka to The Parlotones, Miriam Makeba to Four Jacks and a Jill, Sonja Herholdt to Mafikozolo to name but a few – are all included to showcase the rich musical culture of South Africa.

Says Schimmel of the Medley, “It’s very nostalgic. It gives people that “oh-wow-I-forgot-about-that-song” feeling. It introduces the youth of today to the wealth and heritage of great South African music that was produced long before they were even born. The result is a multi-cultural and cross-generational musical celebration.”

Gemma Marinus, Director of Stageworx Performing Arts School, explains the procedure of putting this video together, “The brief was sent out to +/- 160 of our students (current and alumni) including some students that have already made a name for themselves in the Arts industry such as John Tsenoli, Phil Higgins, Yahto Kraft and Marianthe Panas.”

She continues: “Everyone jumped at the chance to be part of the project. All our students were sent harmonies and certain lead lines that they had to record at home on their cell phones, and we were sent back all the recordings. From there, Matthew Marinus mixed all the vocal recordings, and we sent back for everyone to record their videos (again on their cellphones). It was incredible to see the level of enthusiasm and talent that was sent through to us.”

Gemma concludes; “It is incredible how music and the arts is a complete leveller – it doesn’t matter if our students are from affluent or underprivileged backgrounds, when they walk into class no-one is better than the next and everyone is there for their passion. The Ultimate South African Song Medley has been a performance piece that is much loved by our Stageworx students. One thing is for sure, we will be keeping our students busy during the lockdown with already planned online classes, workshops and more exciting projects – music and the arts is the one thing that will help every South African emotionally through these challenging times ahead, and it should never be underestimated. “

Term 1 - News (Jan - April 2020) 

Here is the most recent news on what the students and alumni of Stageworx has been up to during Term 1!

Jessica Driver 

Steadtler Promotion

Many of our Stageworx Students took part in creating something interesting for Steadtler - some of our students wrote songs, painted, created poetry and much more! They appeared in the Steadtler MARS magazine.

Danone Corporate at Joburg Theatre 

Some of our Junior Students took part in a corporate event for Danone at the Johannesburg Theatre and had a spectacular time!! A huge thank you to Adrian Poulsen for making this possible!

Other News for Term 1!

  • Olivia Cloud was cast in the Revealers at NCT.

  • Yahto Kraft was cast in a touring play.

  • Lara Johnson, Jessica Nanguia, Lucia Molitano, Stephanie Darley and Talya Storger were cast in Jungle Book for Peoples Theatre

  • Various students took part in a workshop with International Performing Arts Centre AMDA - many are anxiously awaiting if they have been accepted for study to the LA or New York campus.

  • Many Stageworx Junior students were selected for an activation at Montecasino to promote the Sound Of Music Singalong.

The new year started with our brand new group of 101 students. We are excited to follow the progress of this talented lot and already we have seen some major achievements!

  • Lefo and Bo have been interning at the Prestigious Figure Of 8 Recording Studios.

  • Erin and Jamie have been interning backstage on Suddenly The Storm at Montecasino

  • Marianthe has been accepted to Arts Ed in London and will be starting her training in September and also booked the narrater in Joseph at the playhouse theatre for the young performers project .

  • Sinethemba is being filmed as part of a Reality Show following his career and time at Stageworx.

  • All students got the chance to see various productions this term to

    expand their knowledge as well as being assessed by Kate

    Normington and Craig Urbani for their Musical Theatre and

    Acting Assessments.

Stageworx Music Artists News

Many of our Stageworx Alumni and Stageworx Students are working with "Upstream Worldwide" in releasing their own original music. Take a look at some of the most recent releases.

John Tsenoli 

The release of his song and music for I’m Just A Boy has already landed and he is now so excited to share his new release "Long Road!" (featured in BTP SHINE). Mpho, Chris, Refentse and Pauline all appear in this music video and many of the students recorded Backing Vocals for the single. Keep up to date with all of Johns music on his website -

Phil Higgins 

Alumni of Stageworx and also one of our outstanding Junior teachers, Phil has released her single Running Away (featured in BTP SHINE) and her new single KO is available now. After recently returning from a tour of New Zealand and Canada with the ABBA show, Phil is excited about following her musical journey.

Marianthe Panas

A veteran of the BTP Platform, from Durban, Marianthe performed in her first show with us at just 14years. Now matriculated Marianthe has joined the 101 course and her new single release “OVER YOU” is out now!

Jeanique Fourie 

The youngest of our official releases so far, Jeanique Fourie has been a power house in the music scene! Her new music video and single release “Pyramid” is out now - many of our stageworx students feature in this music video. You can follow Jeanique and her other music release -https://www.facebook.com/jeanique.fourie.98

Yahto Kraft 

After being a finalist on the Voice SA, we are please to announce Yahto Kraft much anticipated release of the song UGLY.

2019 Expresso Campaign for MAQ

In 2019 we were thrilled to take part in a 13 week episode campaign on Expresso shining a light on some of our Stageworx Students. This culminated in a competition for one lucky person to win a full time bursary for our Full-Time 101 course. The lucky winner was Sinethemba Viga who began his course this year.

What is the MAQ Shine On Project?

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This Little Light Of Mine - The Song 

The recording process of This Little Light Of Mine 

The Making Of The Music Video 

The winner - Sinethemba Viga 

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