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Our Background

Transformation Through Arts Education

Born To Perform was created by Gemma and Matthew Marinus after identifying a need for upliftment and development of professional performing arts opportunities for young people.

The vision was simple – to create a platform for all creative young people from all walks of life, all cultures and all socio-economic backgrounds to come together for the love of the arts and showcase their talent in a high-class international quality, professional show production.

Since the onset of the first show in 2015 at the Lyric Theatre, the platform has developed into a platform of transformation and inspiration, giving the youth a voice to express through the medium of the arts.

The Born To Perform Show “SHINE 2019” played at the Teatro at Montecasino and was a culmination of the most talented youth in SA. This included 450 children and teens from local schools and was fully inclusive of children with disabilities including St Vincent School for the Deaf.

Our shows are not only entertaining but the youth are an active participant in the content creation, allowing them to have a voice to express issues that they are dealing with in the world they are living in today.

Our goal is for audiences to come away with a feeling of unity and positivity about South Africa, that the youth are paving the way for change and that our country is in safe hands.

Born To Perform has established itself as the leader in South Africa for youth driven entertainment and arts education.

All Born To Perform shows have gained rave reviews.

Our shows encompass the most extraordinary young talent in SA (young people between the ages of 6 years – 25

years) and local schools that are doing incredible work in arts education.

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Transformation of hearts, minds and lives.

All Born To Perform Shows are FULLY INCLUSIVE – Inclusive of young people from different socio- economic backgrounds, different cultures, different religions, with and without disabilities.

Through the rehearsal process, the cast gain a much deeper understanding of each other and each other’s differences, and learn to embrace those differences.

We create a ”safe” space and approach difficult topics such as bullying, stereotyping, anxiety and depression through analysis of the songs we are performing and what the lyrics mean to them and their lives.

Some share their stories, some just listen, but this allows the cast members to see that although they may be different, many of their struggles are very similar.

Cast members are given a voice to express their thoughts and feelings through the arts in original song creation and other artistic forms, allowing them to express their messages to an audience – whilst transforming the minds of audience members watching the show.

We encourage our young people to spread the message through talks and workshops at the schools.

Our young people find “who they are” through our process. Some go on to be doctors, managers of companies and others have continued to have professional careers in entertainment, where the focus is not on “being a celebrity” but using their talent and art form to motivate others and share their journey – all of this we celebrate.

Born To Perform is a gift that keeps on giving, paving the way for a unified South Africa.

“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

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