Admissions Process

Let's start your artistic journey!

Part - Time, Packages and Trinity London College Applications

  • Complete the audition application form. Our School Manager will contact you with the next available audition and enrollment date.

  • You will need to prepare a song (verse and chorus or skip to the best bits!) with a backtrack or self-accompanied. DO NOT worry if you do not consider yourself a singer, this is for us to get to know you! We have discovered many "singers" who initially said they could not sing!

  • A short monologue (no longer than 1min) Can be dramatic or comedic or self written. 

  • You will participate in a dance class - again, do not worry if you have never had training it is just for us to get to know your strengths and weaknesses so we can allocate you to the correct class make-up. 

  • Special concessions regarding the audition can be made for young people with special needs or extreme anxiety. 

101 Full -Time Course Applications

  • Complete the audition application form. Our School Manager will contact you with the next available audition and enrollment date.

  • Applicants from outside of Johannesburg may send us a link to a video audition.

  • Prepare two contrasting songs - one with backtrack and the other can be self-accompanied. 

  • Prepare 2 contrasting monologues not longer than 90secs.

  • If you play an instrument please prepare a piece on your instrument. 

  • If you have written original songs please prepare one to show us - either live or pre-recorded. 

  • You will then take part in a dance workshop. 

  • If you are successful in round 1 - you will be asked to attend an interview. 

Apply For An Audition

Complete the information below to book your audition for the next round of Stageworx admissions.

What are your reasons for wanting to train at Stageworx.
Classes of interest


Helpful Information

What if I am to scared to audition?

Auditions can be scary - but rather look at this as a get to know you session. By us seeing where you are with your training, even if you have never had any, allows us to evaluate to best classes for you.

Does everyone get accepted into the school?

Unfortunatley no. If for some reason you are not accepted we will provide you with our feedback and you are welcome to audition again in the future.

Can I choose the times of my classes as my schedule is already so full?

We cannot change the times of the group classes but private classes can be selected according to availbility.  During the interview process, Gemma will discuss the best class selections, that will suit your individual schedule and needs.

What age do you accept students on a Full-Time basis?

We accept students from the ages of 14yrs on the full-time training course, however they must be registered with and participating in a homeschool or online accredited learning facility to qualify. We can assist with referrals for an educational program to study alongside your arts training.

Is there a fee to audition?

If you are accepted, a once off registration and administration fee is required to secure your place.

Will I be guaranteed proffesional shows and audition opportunies from being at Stageworx?

No. There are no guarantees in the arts industry at all. It depends on your skills, commitment level, work ethic and suitability for a specific casting.

What must I wear to my audition ?

Anything that makes you feel good! 

Remember for the dance element you will need to be able to move well and you will need to be in trainers or dance shoes. 

Top Tips for a great audition!

Be Prepared 

Preparation is the key. Choose your material in advance and practice! Do not leave your selection to the last minute. Read all the requirements carefully to make sure you do not miss anything.

Pack Everything The Night Before

Pack your bag the night before! Make sure you have all your music, scripts and dance attire to change into as well as water and snacks to keep you going.

Think Of What You Want To Ask In Advance 

What questions do you have? If you get through to the interview round what do you want to ask? Often we leave an interview wishing we had asked more! What are the important things that we need to know about you and what you want to achieve? The more you tell us, the more we can assist.

Be Confident, But Leave Your Ego At The Door. 

 Our ethos is based on supporting each other and encouraging success within our school through mutual respect and understanding. Everyone at Stageworx is on their own journey and no student is "better" than the next. We reward hard work and dedication and when you enter our building everyone is treated the same, regardless of background.

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