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Part - Time Classes and Courses  

Let's start your artistic journey!

Stageworx have three different options of centres for training,

1. Our founding LIVE training school in RANDBURG GAUTENG which has a variety of group and private training classes, Full-Time and Part-Time, not only to provide our budding performers a chance to expose them to the industry, but also train their disciplines for a possible future career in the arts industry. 

2. Our Online 'Self Study' courses which allow you to up-skill at your own pace, in your own time, from your own home. 

3. Our Digital Satellite schools. The first of its kind now opening in Hoedspruit! Keep your eyes peeled for more additional digital centres opening around South Africa. 

A great deal of emphasis is placed on developing communication skills, organizational skills and encouraging self discipline and development. We aim to produce disciplined performers who are self motivated and driven towards goals. 

In the current climate of arts careers, it is important to look beyond becoming a triple threat performer. Our package options have varied classes, which offer combinations to cover the full spectrum of arts development. 

Stageworx training and exposure have supported students in securing roles and performing in Musical Theatre Productions, TV and Film and the Music Industry. Other student successes lead to securing training in overseas establishments, discovered a love and passion for teaching, videography, photography or simply found their personal direction through their arts training. 

Stageworx encourage the motto of “learning through doing”. Learners and students are given the opportunity to attend professional auditions, experience the process and identify their performance shortfalls and areas of growth. Classroom training can only teach so much, the actual “doing”, determines the qualities and growth required to fully understand the beauty of a career in the arts. Auditions are not secured or guaranteed, as some auditions are open to the whole school where other auditions are based on selections according to a client’s brief, student dedication, commitment to classes and work ethic. 

A great deal of care and thought goes into selecting the best class options for you, so every new student will go through a practical and interview admissions process.   

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